Some of the members of the AMHYCO project represented the project at ENYGF21.

Written by Luis Serra Lopez and Araceli Dominguez, PhD students at UPM 

ENYGF poster

A dedicated poster session was scheduled on the first day of the congress. There, we had the opportunity to answer to the interested attendees that approached the poster titled Development of a detailed 3D CAD model of a generic PWR-KWU containment as a basis for a better assessment of H2/CO combustion risk. Some researchers from European projects showed great interest and talked about the chance to form future partnerships in similar works. Then, from that session to the last day of congress, attendees could vote the best poster in the official app. Finally, the last day, a final was held, where we had to defend our proposal in 5 minutes with all the participants as spectators and some organisers as jury. We ended in second place, but much constructive feedback was received.


ENYGF’21 gathered a wide variety of young and senior experts from the nuclear industry and academy in Tarragona, Spain. From technical topics such as nuclear thermal hydraulics, fuel science, or accident simulation, to management and dissemination workshops, the young generation of European researchers had the opportunity to share their breakthroughs in nuclear energy and technology.

You can also find more technical info about the congress at 

We are very grateful to be able to experience the event and to represent AMHYCO. We received a lot of feedback and questions from the attendees and are looking forward to continuing our work on the project!

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