AMHYCO Student Kick-off Event

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The AMHYCO project held its PhD and postdoc kick-off meeting.

Some of the activities of the AMHYCO project, as part of workpackage 6, include supporting PhD and post doctorate students in their research. The project will give students the opportunity to perform research at another partner organisation to promote synergies amongst these organisations and allow students to work with multiple European experimental platforms.

A virtual meeting was held on the 9th of March 2021 to kick off these activities and allow the students to meet each other and exchange their backgrounds, experience, and their hobbies, likes and even some dislikes! There were a total of 8 students originally from countries including Brazil, Sweden, France, and Spain.

They will research a range of topics such as in- and ex-vessel phenomena, PARs (passive autocatalytic recombiners), containment accident analysis and will perform experimental tests which will provide invaluable data for the project.

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