AMHYCO Project Updates – Third year

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Dive into the latest project updates and discover the exciting milestones achieved this year!

Work Package 1 – Critical review

A critical review of the available literature regarding

(1) PAR efficiency under ex-vessel conditions, (2) existing PWR SAMGs regarding containment risk management

(3) H2/CO combustion and the available engineering correlations for combustion risk estimation, and

(4) equipment and instrumentation surveillance under severe accident conditions has been performed.

Many experts both from the AMHCYO partners and the Advisory Board were involved in the scientific review. This Work Package has been closed.

Work Package 2 – Selection of severe accident sequences

The generic containments have been developed and severe accident sequences have been calculated. All the deliverables and milestones have been achieved/submitted, and the lessons learned have been discussed.

An outstanding database on H2/CO scenarios of interest for three types of PWR containments (KWU, W and VVER) have been developed. The Work Package is completed now.

Work Package 3 – Experimental Investigations

The experimental programme on combustion was delayed due to the COVID and the difficulties with the supplies after the start of the Ukrainian conflict, but has now been completed. The experiments on flammability limits and turbulent flames were done for the data that had a clear knowledge gap in the literature or no data available at all.

For the second task, the PAR experiments in the REKO facilities have been performed to validate numerical PAR models. The deliverable was issued. The WP is completed now, with the final deliverables being under review. The papers are under preparation.

Work Package 4 – Full containment analysis 

It has started, but had an important influence some initial delay caused by WP2/WP3 delays. This WP has a new Work Plan and has been extended for 6 months (until June 2024). The fundamental preparations, concluding preparations, and applications are all underway.

The unmitigated transients for LP models and 3D models are ongoing; while the mitigated transients and sensitivity cases will be done in the next few months. The approach of implementing the insights from WP2 into WP4 is unique, and the papers are already in the pipeline.

Work Package 5 – Enhancement of Severe Accident Management Guidelines

The first discussions on what is relevant for the SAMGs have taken place. Some preliminary works have started, namely in: H2, P and T instrumentation location ; FCVS operational details ; and Spray actuation times & criteria.

Work Package 6 – Dissemination, Communication, Education and Training,

The communication and dissemination has continued to keep stakeholders updated on the project’s progress and activities though LinkedIn, the project website and newsletters.

Many activities took place: workshops with PhD students, mobility programme, funding of the PhD thesis, defence of 1 PhD thesis, AMHYCO students being awarded for their work, participation at many events and conferences. In total, 22 conference papers and 2 journal papers were published.

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