AMHYCO Second Student Event

On 21 March 2022 the AMHYCO PhD and Postdoc students gathered online to have their second meeting (find out about the first meeting here).

The students made presentations on the progress of their research and shared them with their peers and the project coordinator. The first assignment has started students Luis Serra Lopez and Araceli Domínguez are in Jülich for 3 months.

The topics covered in the presentations included:

  • Hydrogen flame acceleration
  • PWR – KWU 3D CAD model
  • PARUPM code
  • Experiments to validate SPARK code
  • Hydrogen deflagration
  • AC2 and COCOSYS modelling
  • PAR deactivation
  • Flame propagation

There was also some scientific exchanges and questions between students on the research presented.

The students also talked about the ups and downs of research from having fun with experimental results to having to clean up the lab sometimes!

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