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The AMHYCO partners have been busy representing the project and discussing the results and activities at recent events!

Partners including Dr. Ahmed Bentaib from IRSN and Gabriela Nobrega (pictured below) presented some of the AMHYCO activities and results at ERMSAR, and the partners submitted a paper titled “Enhancement Of Recombination Rate Correlations For Pars In Oxygen-Lean Conditions”.

Presentation Gabriela

Partners from CIEMAT including Prof. Luis E. Herranz and Dr. Joan Fontanet Saez presented “High Combustion Risk Sequences. Identification and Characterization(which was a collaboration between multiple partners) at the CSARP (Cooperative Severe Accident Research Program) of MELCOR.

PhD student Miriam Müer and colleagues from RUB also attended KERNTECHNIK, presenting some results from WP2, the simulation and analysis of different in-vessel accident sequences. The title of the paper is “Analysis of severe accident scenarios in the primary circuit of a generic pressurized water reactor in the frame of plant calculations for evaluating the program system AC²”. The presentation and language of the event was in German.


Find the public presentations on the Resources page.

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